Type 2 DM and Self administered insulin

Original Author(s): MCQMED Team

In Sri Lanka, one in 12 adults suffer from diabetes which gives gives us a total of 1.6 million cases of diabetes across the country

What is insulin therapy for Type II Diabetes?

  • Patients with Type I diabetes are occasionally treated with ‘intensive insulin treatment
  • Intensive insulin treatment often involves multiple insulin injections per da

What is self administered insulin?

Self-administered insulin is when the patient monitors their blood glucose levels and injects their own doses of insulin

What are the benefits of self-administered insulin?

  • Improved timing of insulin doses would improve blood glucose levels
  • Greater convenience

What are the complications with self-administered insulin?

  • Administering the wrong dosage could lead to an insulin overdose
  • Incorrect injection site selection can lead to complications
  • Incorrect injection timings

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