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Click this page to find out

You will have to subscribe to the subjects/courses. Currently there are five: Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Obstetrics/Gynaecology. Click here (subscription page) and pay to get access.

Then click on my account where you’ll see the courses/subject and topics. Click on a topic to see quizzes that can be attempted as well as the notes available.

They are modelled on pastpaper MBBS common MCQ papers and ERPM exams. The answers are reviewed by a team of doctors and explanations been written.

Yes, our team of experts regularly updates the question bank to align with the latest exam patterns and guidelines to ensure its accuracy.

Courses are the subjects. Currently we have only five final year subjects: Medicine, Surgery, Peadiatrics, Obsgyn and Psychiatry. We plan to add more with time.

Lessons are the topics within the subjects. The notes and quizzes are categorised based on topics, so you can start doing questions immediately after studying the topic and not wait till the end of the year.

Quizzes are about ten MCQs per set. They are categorised by topics.

There are two types of MCQs. The Single best answer or SBA and the True/false type.

We plan on adding more notes into the topics as well as flash cards and osce mocks.

You can find the demonstration video here.

Our website is optimized for mobile use, and our mobile app is also available for download, making it convenient for you to revise anytime, anywhere!

Yes, the question bank is categorized by medical subjects and topics, allowing you to focus on specific areas of your study and practice accordingly.

We offer you the ability to bookmark difficult questions and track your activities frequently.

Once you click start quiz it will be self explanatory. However, contact us if you want a demonstration. Or click here for a video. 

For SBA questions, the correct answer will be coloured green. If you have chosen the wrong answer, your answer will be marked red. If your answer is correct, it will be highlighted dark green.

For the true/false type, the correct answers are shown as green. If your answers are wrong, it will show as red. If its correct, it will be highlighted green.

If you skip a question, it will be highlighted yellow.

If you are confused test and play around with a few questions to get used to it.
We will work on improving this.

There are two types of MCQs. The Single Best Answer or SBA and the True/false type. These are the two types of MCQs you would face in your exams.

The SBA is answered by choosing the best answer. You get 3 points for choosing the right answer and zero for not choosing an answer or choosing the wrong answer. This reflects the actual scoring system adopted by exams.

In the true/false type, you are supposed to choose the answers that are true. And leave the rest that are false. There’s no choice to leave a question stem as blank. The system will take it as if you’ve marked it false.

For every true answer that is marked correctly you get one point. If you mark a false answer as true then you get minus one. If you haven’t chosen the correct answer or marked it as true than you will get zero points for that stem.

Currently only around 60% of the questions have explainations. We will be adding explanations to the rest of the questions batch wise.

Contact us if you’re interested in working with us to help us with this.

Contact us with feedback or leave a comment or reply onto the question. We will investigate and change it if necessary as soon as possible.

Our MCQ question bank is highly reliable. The questions are modeled after past papers and are answered by a team of experienced doctors, lecturers, and postgraduate medical students to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Yes! The question bank offers detailed explanations for the correct answers to help users understand the reasoning behind each choice.

The question bank consists of questions covering all major subjects, including medicine, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. These questions are divided according to different topics.

We plan to have this service available and accessible to as many students as possible. We plan to launch a mobile app as well. We feel that the benefits of availing our service is far more than the cost.

We have a lot of costs to cover from the developing and maintainance teams to server running costs and other overheads and hence have to charge to keep this running.

However if you’re unable to afford us, please contact us for a discount offer or free subscription. We will be happy to help. We plan to be need-blind in payments.

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Yes, contact us if you need to pay via bank transfer. We will give you the details and manually accept your enrollment. If you have any difficulties, contact us. 

We offer subscription plans for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Yes! The selected subscription plan provides the ability to access all the MCQs and study material for the selected duration.